Our designs are as unique as you are; we specialize in creating environments which are a reflection of you, your needs and desires; a three dimensional project of yourself.

+ - Space Planning

Billy Blanco Designs can help design your space by defining the purpose, functional requirements, and layout. We will determine whether your space is for social or private use, and how these spaces interact and connect. We will accommodate your needs and desires within the space limitations and create a functional layout and aesthetic design.

+ - Drafting and Visualization

Billy Blanco Designs will draw scaled floor plans which will include interior furnishing and design elements with dimensions as needed. We will create digital visual representations of the interior features including finishes and furnishings.

+ - Millwork Design Development

Billy Blanco Designs will design your built-in furnishings and closets, which may include wall units, cabinetry, shelving systems, and furnishings related to your needs and aesthetic desires. Kitchen cabinets, bath vanities, and storage units are all within the scope of our services.

+ - Project Management Administration

Billy Blanco Designs will manage your project with all subcontractors and vendors. This will include but not be limited to general contractors, electricians, plumbers, stone and marble installers, wood and millwork installers, wall covering, and drapery installers. We will also manage purchase, deliver, and install furnishings and accessories within the design scope of the project.

+ - Interior Cost Estimates

Billy Blanco Designs will produce spreadsheets that reflect an ongoing budget of purchases made on behalf of the client including ongoing pricing and payments made throughout the project. Project estimates are created to advise the clients of an overall budget with costs before production or purchase.

+ - Purchasing Administration

Billy Blanco Designs will purchase and track your orders from initial review and approval until they are installed in your new home. All receipts will be digitally stored to create an invoice file for your records. All purchases are also logged into a spreadsheet for your review as needed.